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The Rotterdam-Rijnmond Public Health Service aims to provide good healthcare that is accessible to everyone. In addition, the GGD works on prevention, preventing diseases and other problems.

Working area

In terms of the area that it serves, the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Public Health Service is the largest in the Netherlands. It serves all Rotterdam residents, as well as the residents of eighteen municipalities surrounding Rotterdam:

  • Albrandswaard

  • Barendrecht

  • Brielle

  • Capelle aan den IJssel

  • Goeree-

  • Hellevoetsluis

  • Krimpen aan den IJssel

  • Lansingerland

  • Maassluis

  • Nissewaard

  • Ridderkerk

  • Rotterdam

  • Schiedam

  • Vlaardingen

  • Westvoorne

Altogether, this includes about a million people. As of 1 July 2009, the working area of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Public Health Service corresponds to the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region. A safety region is an area in which close co-operation takes place with regard to fire-fighting services, disaster management, crisis management, medical care in case of accidents and disasters and the maintenance of public order and safety.

The Public Health Service is divided into five subject-related clusters:
Infectious Disease Control
Hygiene and the Environment
Healthcare Management
Individual Care


The Rotterdam-Rijnmond Public Health Service guards and promotes the health of the residents in its work area. As the public health authority, we are receptive to what society asks of us. We actively intervene in order to protect people's health.


Physical address of head office of Rotterdam-Rijnmond Public Health Service
Schiedamsedijk 95
3011 EN Rotterdam

Postal address
GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond
Postbus 70032
3000 LP Rotterdam

Telephone: (010) 433 99 66
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Physical and postal address for Vlaardingen branch
Burgemeester Van Lierplein 5
3134 ZB Vlaardingen

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